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"We don't need edifying stories, especially in the times we live in.... We must not lose the fire of the encounter with Jesus. For this we look at the Master, let us follow him on his journey without losing sight of him"


                                                                                                                                (Papa Francesco)


Illusion dance 



1H30'' without breack

Creation of choreography, scenes, costumes, light designer

Emiliano Pellisari

Co-Coreographer & Principal Dancer


Musical Director

Francesco Tomasi


Giusi Giustino



6 dancers-acrobats


Renaissance Music

On the threshold of 2023, the Pontiff has issued a challenge to artists to commit themselves to recounting the universal value of man and the extraordinarily contemporary message of Christ in this fluid time, dispersed between genetic fashions and defunct ideologies. Nogravity - an Italian company based in Rome - known internationally, accepted the challenge and, on the occasion of the cultural initiatives promoted by the Noiret kindergarten, created a new charity show on the theme of the Passion of Christ.
This show takes up the theme of the Sacred Mystical Representation that Western culture has represented in the theater, in the Churches, in the squares of all Europe for centuries. With secularization the cathartic use of art in favor of the spirituality of citizens has failed. Since the Middle Ages citizens, proud of their belonging to the Community, have felt entitled to express their religious sentiments in art and artists have always expressed themselves in favor of this mystical sentiment. We are taking up this tradition of which the highest and most refined genre gave its name to the Teatro delle Meraviglie in the Renaissance. The Nogravity takes up, according to contemporary eyes, the Teatro delle Meraviglie creating a unique show of its kind, along the lines of its great international successes such as Aria and the Festa del Paradiso.

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