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From the meeting of Emiliano Pellisari's NOGRAVITY CHOREOGRAPHIES with MASK SCULPTURES by Bato and the PHYSICAL SCULPTURE DANCE by Mariana / P, A performative project is born on the concept of mask and its symbolic function that unites all human civilizations. From the imagery of North American Indians to classical Greek culture the masks represent the medium with the mystic. By means of the overturning of natural physics and the use of giant masks created by the artist Bato, the three artists propose, in a contemporary key, a place-other where the mythological world of masks, declined by the dance of the body, comes back to life as in a spell. The narrative plan of the performance is supported by the NoGravity technique - conceived by Pellisari and made by Mariana / P - creating surprising effects. We are witnessing a classic optical game, that is Love-morph: what happens on the ground yes includes only on vertical projection. The Spell is created through the body placed horizontally which is reflected by the mirror recreates the natural movements of man on the vertical plane but in a new reality a zero gravity. In this theater of wonders, everything is possible: Mariana / P, for more than ten years artistic companion of Pellisari, she acquired and evolved the choreographic grammar Nogravity and is thus able to fly, play in the air, overturn the rules of physics offering a new form of expression in the world of dance. Bato's sculptures take new life on the performer's body and transmute into talking mask making us go back to talking to the Gods.

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