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Emiliano Pellisari’s style derives from studies which goes from Hellenistic theatre to the extraordinary theatre of the Renaissance and the mechanic inventions of the seventeenth century. It readopts the grand Baroque Italian tradition of the theatre of marvels: a time when the artist’s studios, which emerged in Italian cities such as Florence, Rome or Milan designed and built extraordinary apparatuses that were masterfully applied by the great Italian artist-artisans in their mise-en-scenes to enchant the courts of whole Europe. 

When his putative father, the journalist and writer Nanni Filippini, died, the young Emiliano was obliged to stop his studies in Philosophy and to start working as a carpenter, plumber, electrician….all in all as a real theatre artisan.

By that time, Emiliano Pellisari devoted himself to his own theatre creations and started working as theatre director. He conceived and created the NoGravity technique and began his new artistically path with the show “Daimon Project” which was presented at International Art Center in Moscow at 2005.

In 2008  he met the young talented dancer Mariana Porceddu, now co-choreographer of the company and his partner in life.


Co-Choreographer&Principal Dancer

In 1987, at the age of 6, she began her dance studies and, at the age of 18, she crossed the sea to pass the entrance exam to the National Academy of Dance in Rome, Italy.


In 2003 she graduated and became professional dancer; then she obtained the Internship at the École supérieure de danse de Cannes by Rosella Hightower, France.


In 2005 she joined the company "Danza Prospettiva" by Vittorio Biagi, a fundamental artistic experience.


In 2006 she work at international level in “Jazz dance world congress” at Harris Theater in Chicago and  worked as dancer in the  TV Shows “Mattino in Famiglia”  and “Domenica in Famiglia”, RAI 2.


In 2007 he became a teacher of classical and modern at the new training courses of F.I.D.S. In the same year, during the "Grand Premio Danza" held in Santa Marinella (Rome), she joined the jury together with Alberto Testa, Oriella Dorella, Vilma Battafarano.


In 2008 she met Emiliano Pellisari and began as choreographer assistant at 2 years after. From 2012 she began as NoGravity principal dancer and co-choreographer.



After graduating in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, he began his professional career assisting the same Academy chair and setting up exhibitions at the Galleria Porta Latina for three years.


The encounter with Emiliano Pellissari gave a sudden change of course to his life, allowing him to continue his journey in the theater world.


Technical director and stage manager of the NoGravity shows, he takes care of all the technical aspects of the life of the company, getting in touch with the technical directors of theaters and festivals that host our shows.

Stage Manager


Internastional Market Manager

Expert in international relations, advocate of the most important Italian trade fairs in China 

over the past 20 years, he is the man who represents the extraordinary combination of relational skills and humanistic culture that make ROME a company projected on the new Silk Road market.


He’s the precious, gentle angel who, with his wings, makes NoGravity Theatre Company fly in the magic ”Silk Road Area” dimension.


NoGravity is a performing arts company founded and directed by Emiliano Pellisari. The NoGravity artistic work crosses the boundaries between different performing arts in order to create multidisciplinary performances and theatrical shows. NoGravity’s style is inspired by the extraordinary mechanics of Renaissance and Baroque theatre of Marvel with a focus on the Man-Machine relationship. Beauty, dream, marvel, illusion, fun are the keys of the poetic of the director Emiliano Pellisari. Symbols, evocations, suggestions, tableaux vivant are created to express the ‘jagged coastline’ of collective imagination. NoGravity presents his shows in world tours every year. It was present in Russia, China, Colombia, Uruguay, Switzerland, germany, France, Spain, Poland, Italy. In 2018 NoGravity is present in Spain, Italy, Canary Island, SouthAmerica, Poland, Russia, Azerbaijan with the shows Divina Commedia, Aria, Comix, Leonardo.


La Nogravity è una compagnia di arti performative che produce e porta in tour nazionali ed esteri spettacoli di danza, teatro e musica. La denominazione legale è COMPAGNIA DANZA EMILIANO PELLISARI STUDIO ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE con sede in ROMA, via Gabrino Fondulo 49-51. La sede operativa è nel nuovo studio creato nel 2019 in via Gabrino Fondulo 13. 

Il presidente dell'associazione è EMILIANO PELLISARI PLLMLN68C19L195A e non percepisce alcun compenso per il suo ruolo come da statuto.

Il segretario dell'associazione è MARIANA PORCEDDU

PRCMRN81H45E281Z e non percepisce alcun compenso per il suo ruolo come da statuto 

Non sussiste alcun incarico ad esterni all'associazione e nessun socio dell'associazione percepisce alcun compenso per il lavoro svolto all'interno dell'associazione culturale. 

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