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“We don't need uplifting stories, especially in the times we live in...

We must not lose the fire of the encounter with Jesus.    For this reason, let's look at the Master, follow Him on His journey without losing sight of Him


                                                                                                                               (Pope Francesco)


baroque music show+Theatre of Marvel



1hour'' no breack

Musical Director

Francesco Tomasi


Vittoria Giacobazzi




Francesco Tomasi(Tiorba), Flavia Truppa (Violino), Matteo Coticoni (Violone)


Emiliano Pellisari e Mariana/P

Scenography and light design

Emiliano Pellisari

Stylist of baroque advangarde costumes

Daniela Piazza


Henrich Franz Von Biber - Sonata del Rosario, Tarquinio Merula - Hor Ch’è Tempo di Dormire, Bonifacio Graziani - Crudelissime Spine, Giovanni Legrenzi - Lumi, Potete Piangere, Giovanni Felice Sances - Stabat Mater(I), Giovanni Felice Sances - Stabat Mater(I), Alessandro Stradella - Queste Lagrime e Sospiri

At the threshold of 2023, the Pope issued a challenge to artists to engage in telling the universal value of humanity and the extraordinarily contemporary message of Christ in this fluid and fragmented time, amidst genetic trends and defunct ideologies. Nogravity accepted this challenge and created a new charity performance centered on the theme of the Passion of Christ.

This performance revisits the theme of the Sacred Mystical Representation that Western culture has portrayed in theater, churches, and squares across Europe for centuries. With secularization, the cathartic use of art in support of citizens' spirituality has waned. Since the Middle Ages, citizens, proud of their belonging to the community, have felt entitled to express their religious sentiments through art, and artists have consistently supported this mystical sentiment. We are reviving this tradition, of which the highest and most refined genre gave rise to the Renaissance's Theater of Wonders. 

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