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two flyght dancers in the air

"ANGELS and DEVILS clash in spectacular duels. ACROBATIC lights, flying actors,

SOULS that fall like leaves in autumn…  

It could be the description of a painting by Hescher or Bosch, but it’s EMILIANO PELLISARI's show."

La Repubblica


from Hell to Paradise



Illusion Dance, Sculpture Dance



1H without break


Creation of choreography, scenes, costumes, light designer

music producer

Emiliano Pellisari

Co-Coreographer&Principal Dancer


Costume designer

Noemi Wolfsdorf


6 dancers


World, ethnotech classical

Voice off

Gianni Bonagura

On stage, the dancers move, fly in the air and create unreal figures! ispirated by feasts of the barocco theater and drawing on the actual technologys, Emiliano Pellisari, author of this total spettacolo, is the inventor of a singular choreographic art, at the crossroads of magic, illusionism and circus.

His dancers,   as if freed from gravitation, float in the air to the rhythm of music ranging from rock to classical.
Inspired by Dante's most famous scenes,
mixed beetween Magritte and Escher in his surrealist universe, Pellisari takes us into a waking dream, says beauty

Anne-Catherine Sutermeister



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