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"You came to see me in an unexpected dream, and I couldn't say a word to you because of your sudden disap- pearance, I said to myself: maybe I can finally talk to him without the anxiety of escaping.

I will be able to enter that mysterious path in the middle of the wood of memories that I have often begun to trace but always pulling back, afraid                 of the strength of those hidden places and inaccessible"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dacia Maraini


Sculpture dance + Theatre + Voice over Dacia Maraini



50’ without break


Creation of choreography, scenes, costumes, light designer

Emiliano Pellisari

Co-Coreographer&Principal Dancer, music producer



Marco Visone


1 dancer + 1 performer


Electronic & contemporary classical

By chance, the project of a little jewel of dance and poetry came out of the forges of Nogravity with the help and voice of DACIA MARAINI. Along the lines of the latest productions with the new nogravity 3D staging where choreographic research, photographic composition and study of the texts are at the center of the artistic career of Emiliano Pellisari and Mariana Porceddu, alone on stage. A small, simple experimental setup with a strong and wonderful imagery in the best Nogravity tradition.A choreographic research on Pasolini’s body and sexual identity through the magnifying glass of a writer who was able to foresee the future and who, mindful of friendship and intimacy, was able to investigate the intricacies of the mind and heart of Pasolini.
The choreographic actions on stage are accompanied by the voice of Dacia Maraini who reads the most beautiful pages of her latest book ‘Caro Pier Paolo’.

(letter from Emiliano Pellisari to Antonio Falduto/Rome, January 2022)

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