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When the CHOREOGRAPHIC SCULPTURES by Emiliano Pellisari

meet with Bato’s SCULPTURE-MASKS

a new PERFORMANCE is born,

inspired by the MAGIC and spell of the Italian Renaissance

and Baroque GARDENS,

inhabited by HEROES and MONSTERS of classical mythology.

Luisa Grigoletto, 2019

Bato’s and Emiliano Pellisari’s worlds seem to be at the antipodes: the static nature of all-round sculptures and paintings on canvas on one side and theater on the other. But the performance acts as a surrogate that sublimates both disciplines, and becomes the link between them. Black and white, below and above, human and animal: the opposites find their interlocking body in the figures of myth.

The figures are set against a dark background, where the minimalist landscape is constantly redefined through ropes that outline the shapes of hills, roofs and labyrinths, and sculpted by the strategic use of light. In the subversion of the laws of physics and in the establishment of a new balance lies the fascinating technological secret that regulates the motion of this theatrical performance.

Dante's Inferno

Dante's Paradiso 

Arie barocche nell'aria

Leonardo - Festa del Paradiso

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