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"MYTHOLOGICAL planets, sparkling stars, weightless ANGELS circle in the air.

Music, dance and BALOONS, candles, golden surfaces and MIRRORS create 

OPTICAL and visual surprising EFFECTS".


Outdoor Show



Max 1H

Creation of choreography, scenes, costumes, light design

Emiliano Pellisari

Co-Coreographer&First Dancer

Mariana Porceddu

Musical direction

Walter Testolin

Costume designer

Giusi Giustino


10 musicians (live version)

10 dancers


Renaissance ensemble 

In 1490 Leonardo Da Vinci invented and organized the set design for an extraordinary show wanted by the Regent of Milan, Ludovico Maria Sforza, also known as Ludovico Il Moro. 

Ludovico Il Moro wished to offer a marvelous, perfect theatrical and musical show to entertain his guests.

Along them, new political and powerful allies attended the show and Ludovico must win their admiration and confidence. 

Ludovico asked Leonardo Da Vinci to design and realize the scenes of a Big Show in order to astonish his guests and express his power. 

The Leonardo Fiesta went down in history as Festa del Paradiso because of its magnificent illusionist and mystical spirits.

Emiliano Pellisari celebrates the art and genius of renaissance's master and revives the time of Leonardo Fiesta.

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