barocca ensemble

The spirals and twisting lines of BAROQUE ART the intrepid metaphors of Baroque OPERA

the inhibited fantasy of Baroque MUSIC come together in the theatrical musical concerts 

of ARIA BAROCCA ENSEMBLE . Let us carry you where the Magic is!


baroque music show


1h20’ without break




Direction, scenes, costumes, light design

Emiliano Pellisari


Daniela Piazza

Concept Design

Nora Bujdoso



Susanne Bungaard - soprano 

Angelo Bonazzoli - sopranist 

and five musicians

(violins, archlute, baroque guitar, flute, oboe, cello)


10 mt * 5 mt


4,5 mt


day of the debut

"ARIA-arie barocche nell’aria" combines the intrepid spirit of BAROQUE arias and the unpredictable TWISTING of the #NoGravity UNIVERSE, where up and down no longer exist, weight and strength are lost and rarefied BODIES float in the air.

The Italian Baroque music repertoire that goes from MONTEVERDI to PERGOLESI and VIVALDI is revisited in an unedited and original way where even musicians and singers will be twirling like small butterflies.

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