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technical manifesto of spatialism, 1951

The Tower of Babel is an ancient example of man's claim todomination of space. The true conquest of man-made space and thedetachment from the earth, from the horizon line, which formillennia was the basis of its aesthetics and proportions


Sculpture dance



50’ without break


Creation of choreography, scenes, costumes, light design

Emiliano Pellisari

Co-Coreographer&Principal Dancer, music producer



1 dancer 


Voice + prepared violin

That arrogant bastard Emiliano Pellisari has done it again. His Fontana Project isa little jewel. He and Mariana Porceddu are on stage. She is ever more skilfuland elegant in her movements, he is the perfect stage servant at the service of

Lucio Fontana's spatiality and Mariana's artistic ability. The performer becomesa tool to give substance to a space that would otherwise be devoid of humanpresence. Emiliano moves with absolute discretion, dressed in black to attractas little attention as possible, to give shape to space and time, playing with thecloths that fill the scene, playing with Mariana's body that moves, places,transforming it into a sort of human metronome that emphasizes space andtime. It is a time marked by the beauty of modern music chosen by MarianaPorceddu who, in addition to being a refined dancer with classical training, triesto be a shrewd musician capable of choosing and remixing music that becomessomething other than the original ones. Emiliano and Mariana experiment. Intheir experimentation we find classic tones and themes that are typical of artwhen it is done as such. Fontana Project is a cameo to be enjoyed.


                                  Gianfranco Falcone - Milan/Menotti Theater 2022

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